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in honour of reaching 600 followers i thought i would create my second follow forever, after gaining 200 since my last one. i unfortunately cannot  put all my favourite blogs down, but i love every single of one you and you are all amazing. there is also the slight chance that you changed your url or icon and i missed you. anyway, thanks for over 600 followers, you are all perfect. <3 :)

ps if we haven’t talked before, let’s talk sometime and be friends.

and if you aren’t following any of these people, i highly recommend it!


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Soo I am jumping on the follow forever bandwagon! I hope you enjoy my really cheesy picture. I love that picture of Nemo because I took it anyways.. This is my tribute to all my favorite people on here! Here goes nothing.


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You all are amazing & I can’t believe you follow me! Love & kisses to everyone :)


4/24/14 NHL Awards: Tuukka Rask starting off his Vezina Trophy acceptance speech


Pond Hockey (x)


Land of the free and home of the brave


Glove saves are the best things ever

Milan Lucic in the Dropkick Murphys “Going Out In Style" video

aka Lucic running after children (like the monster he is)


Best looking player on each team. 2/30

Boston Bruins~ Adam McQuaid 


There was legit a mop on his head.

Well, there’s just no easy way of doing this.

@Varainhankintaa:Great efforts are part of the sports performance and fund raiser!”  @AnttiRaanta. Not included! #varainhankinta

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